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JShop Server 2.3.0 (Beta 2) Released (15th September 2010)

JShop Server 2.3.0 (Beta 2) Released (15th September 2010)

We are pleased to announce the availability of 2.3.0 (Beta 2) for all customers. This is the second and final beta version for 2.3.0 before we turn it into an official release, which we are aiming to do in around 3-4 weeks. Beta 2 includes a host of bug fixes, a new version of the built-in WYSIWYG editor, some additions to the new discount system for front-end display of discounts and many other enhancements and changes. Beta 2 can be downloaded from our registered users area from the 'Downloads' page and it is available to all users, regardless of support package.

Installers are available to update existing stores running 2.2.0 and 2.3.0 (Beta 1) to Beta 2, along with a full installer of 2.3.0 (Beta 2). Update documentation is also available which includes details of the wide range of template changes you can make to your existing templates to take advantage of the new features.

A dedicated forum is available for feedback on the beta release and we'd like to encourage any user that installs and tests 2.3.0 to provide feedback via. that forum. In addition, for those with a support package, we can offer direct support for any issues encountered, including on live sites. If you do not currently have a forum account one can be opened at - once you have opened an account, login to your registered users area and on the 'Account Settings' page use the section on the right to link your forum account to your license.

Whilst full documentation will not be available for 2.3.0 until official release, a number of sticky topics are available on the beta testing forum containing details on how to use some of the main new features and please use that forum for any functionality questions.

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